torstai 5. heinäkuuta 2018

4th of July - Independence Day

Independence Day. Chesterfield, parade and Amherst ITD-House party and Amherst fireworks.

Today we went to Chesterfield to see an Independence Day parade. The parade lasted one hour. We saw a lot of a different kind of cars, political candidates and other groups. It was very interesting! There were crowds of people to see the parade. Music, something little to eat and something interesting to see. It was a great experience.

Khai (Singapore), Kosmas (Greece), Sohair (Lebanon) and me.

Me, Francisco (Equador) and Ariel (Argentina)

Abir (Egypt) and me

maanantai 2. heinäkuuta 2018


30th June - 1st July Boston

Boston is a city of contrasts. Lively city with live music. We were amazed by the fireworks in the evening. I have never seen anything like that! Boston hit the heart and soul.
I enjoyed the architecture of the city. Old and new style combined together interestingly. Different periods of time were limiting each other. After every corner, there was something new to explore. Pictures will tell more about this beautiful city! I highly recommend Boston!

Prudential Center - sightseeing tower. Great views!

Interesting structures.

Beach near the airport. Unfortunately, I didn't have my swimming suit with me. 

In the Evening it was time to celebrate the name day for Kosmas. We had a cake and great party together. This is SUSI - it brings us together :)